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In addition to receiving a paper bill each month, you can also come to the Online Billing website and view the most recent bill at any time.  Access to your bill will be protected by your phone/account number and a password that you will choose when you create a new account.

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Pay your bill from the convenience of your own home without even having to write a check!  You can choose the Automatic Bill Payment option to have the amount of your bill automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card each month.  If this doesn't sound like the thing for you, you can have the amount of your current bill charged to your credit card for a one time payment towards your bill.

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The E-Mail Bill Service is a great way to receive your bill. If you sign up for the E-Mail Bill Service, you will receive an email each month alerting you that your bill is ready to be viewed online. The email is sent to the email address specified in your Account Information. You can log into your Online Billing account, review your bill and pay it that same day!

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View a past bill, including payments, charges, and rated call details.

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